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If you are a small company/developer/sys admin/freelancer/etc providing a wide variety of services and you are searching for an easy way to sell these services to your customers without paying high commissions to a 3rd-party, then RoboSet might be the right tool for you. RoboSet helps you build a professional and solid portfolio of services to offer to your customers.


Common questions about RoboSet!

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  • What is RoboSet?

    RoboSet is a web application written in PHP and designed to help small companies/developers/sys admins/freelancers/etc to easily make their services available to their customers base.

  • I still don't get what RoboSet is, can you give me a real example?

    Sure we can.
    Let's assume you are a small web development company that has great skills for linux server setup, nginx install/setup, PHP install, wordpress install and you have customers that ask you to offer them these services for the first time.
    With RoboSet, you can create these service and put a price on them, then your customers can order these services, you can charge them and provide them the service they ordered. At all times, RoboSet allows you to keep your customer updated with the progress of the work you are doing for them and exchange information using comments and progress updates.

  • Why should I use RoboSet and not a 3rd-party platform?

    Beside the commission you pay to a 3rd-party platform, another reason is that the customers to which you provide these services should remain your customers. Using 3rd-party platforms to sell your services, means in most cases, just an indirect connection to your customers, once your provide the service, you lose the connection.
    It does not have to be like that, you should be able to keep your customers and possibly offer them other services as well.

  • How does it work?

    With RoboSet you can add as many services as you need to and point your customers to buy these services.
    Once a customer will buy one of your services, you will be in constant contact with the customer until the service is delivered.
    For each service order, you can create tasks and update their progress and exchange info with the customer for each task, this way you keep a close connection with the customer.

  • What payment gateways do you support right now?

    RoboSet comes with paypal payments by default, but you can buy extensions for 2checkout and Stripe.


Get an awesome looking presentation website for your future customers to check your services and company info.


You can have an unlimited number of customers, each customer having it's own orders and even services defined only for them. Customers also get their own login area.

backend area

The backend allows you to manage every aspect of the application. Every backend item is properly categorized so it's as intuitive as possible.


Add an unlimited number of services for customers to buy. Each service can have it's addons which can have their own prices, F.A.Q's and images.

Orders / Invoices

Customers can easily order any service you provide and you can keep in touch with customers using the comments thread. RoboSet will create proper invoices for these orders as well.

Currencies / Taxes

Ability to create multiple currencies and define the default currency you need to sell your services under, and proper taxes for various GEO zones.

Credit notes

Did a customer ordered a service twice? No problem, easily refund cutomers and generate proper accounting documents for them.


Once a order is placed, start tasks to complete the order requirements.
In each task you can set the task progress and also keep in touch with the customer via the comments thread.


Easily create system pages like "Terms and Conditions", "Privacy Policy", "Cookie Policy", etc. Preview them and make them active when you are ready to publish them.


Ability to create and manage menus used throughout the application. Easily add and remove menu items in a few clicks.

Background images

Show your customers beautiful background images for when they login or register. Upload as many as you want, we show them randomly.

Payment gateways

Easily accept payments from your customers via Paypal. Additional extensions for 2Checkout and Stripe are available separately. More payments gateways in development.

Contact messages

Store contact messages from your possible customers and review them at any time.

Login logs

RoboSet can log all the logins so you can easily monitor them and see any possible issues.


RoboSet is built with extensibility in mind and comes with more than 10 extensions by default.


Demo login data

Password: demo.backend

Password: demo.customer


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If you have any pre-purchase query, or a general question, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us either using the form from the right or by direct emailing us at the email address below.